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Welcome to Awesome Cookie and Fudge. We believe that homemade is best - that is why our Awesome cookies and fudge are made one small batch at a time -after you place your order and shipped within a few hours.  We use only the things you would use in your kitchen, to make wonderful treats that are truly homemade in a state inspected kitchen for your protection!


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The Story of Awesome Fudge

 What are my memories of fudge?  Hmmmm let me think?  My mother did not make fudge, but she did on occasion lovingly speak of the fudge her mother made when she was a child.  She spoke about it often enough for me to know it was something I wanted. 

     My family always took road trips in the summer and perhaps it was on one of these road trips I had my first taste of fudge.

     One such trip was a 1450 mile trek to the 1968 worlds fair in San Antonio Texas.  My Parents packed my 3 brothers and I into the Buick and off we went.  

     I was seven years old so my memories of that trip are limited.  But, I do remember the glass cases filled with colorful slabs of fudge strategically placed at eye level to my youngest brother and I.  It seemed everywhere we stopped had these cases of fudge.  I was attracted to the variety of colors and wanted to try everyone of them. To children this fudge was yummy!  I loved all things sweet and was hooked after my first quarter little slice.

     Years passed and summer road trips occasionally followed parts of old Route 66 where these glass cases of fudge could always be found.  I had my favorite flavors like orange swirl and strawberry chocolate swirl.  I always had to have some.   Oddly my mother was never very interested in the fudge from these glass cases.  It was strange to me since she said she loved fudge but, she never bought any for herself.

     When I married my mother- in -law, Madge, taught me to make fudge....  This fudge was something all together different.  It was always chocolate with just a hint of peanut butter.  It was truly wonderful - positively scrumptious!  

Madge never used a thermometer and she did not have a written recipe but somehow her fudge was always awesome!

     For years my attempts to  make fudge were hit and miss.  Sometimes it was awesome and sometimes it was awful.  The first time I had the chance to give some of an awesome batch to my own mother she loved it.  This to her was fudge should be.  It was very much like what her mother used to make. 

     I eventually made friends with a candy thermometer and had hits more often than misses with my fudge.  Eventually Madge taught me to use the thread test which I rely on to this day. 

     Some years ago my husband and I took a road trip and in one touristy stop I saw my beloved glass case of colorful slabs of fudge and just had to have several slices.  I am sad to say I was very disappointed.  As an adult this fudge just couldn't cut it.  It was pretty to look at and even had a fair texture, but I could taste the food coloring and artificial flavors. Pretty slabs are just no match for homemade fudge.

     When I returned home I went on a quest for recipes for fudge.  I wanted fudge as delicious as Madge's chocolate peanut butter, in all the colorful flavors I loved.  Some recipes were better than others but all needed tweaking.  I finally developed recipes that delight adult taste buds and the imagination of wide eyed children. 

     Awesome fudge is made one batch at a time - not in huge slabs - but rather in small 1 or 2 pound blocks.  It is not loaded with tons of food color and preservatives or artificial flavors.  Homemade fudge is a heavenly confection and there is a favorite flavor for everyone!

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